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Kings Credit services

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


What do your Customer Service people do?

What Collection Tools do you use?

What Training do your KCS Collection Professionals receive and what Certifications do they hold?

Do you employ Spanish speaking Debt Collection Professionals?

Do you comply with HIPAA Rules?

Is your KCS Website SSL Certified?

How will I get my Invoices/Statements/Reports?

Do you “outsource” any collection tasks to other countries?

Do you have Walk-in Payment Counters at all of your offices?

Do you report to the Credit Reporting Agencies?

Do you maintain a Full Service Legal Department?

When we sign up for KCS Services, who will be our Client Services contact person?

What specific information do you need to effectively recovery our bad debt accounts?

Do you offer Direct Deposit of funds into our Bank Account?

What options do you have for me to send our bad debt accounts to you?

When do you recommend we send our Bad Debt Accounts to you?

We understand that you are an ESOP Company. What does that mean for us?

We understand that you have an Open-Source Software Policy. What does that mean for us?

What are your Fees and what is your Average Recovery Rate?

Will you provide a Client Reference List, if we request it?